In accordance with the Ohio Department of wellness, the leading reason for baby death in Ohio is preterm birth (30%) accompanied by delivery defects (19%) and sleep-related fatalities

In accordance with the Ohio Department of wellness, the leading reason for baby death in Ohio is preterm birth (30%) accompanied by delivery defects (19%) and sleep-related fatalities

Moms2B is a proven group model and it has made significant good effects on baby mortality in Franklin County. Because the scheduled system started, the child mortality price in Franklin County has enhanced from 9.6 last year to 6.9, according to information from Columbus Public wellness. This most recent information is the time that is first IMR has fallen below 7.0 yearly in past times decade and implies that programs that target baby fatalities, including Moms2B, are making an impression. But, like the remainder of Ohio, racial and cultural disparities persist, represented by the child mortality prices for blacks and whites disparity ratio of 2.6 for 2019.

The latest Ohio State Community Care Coach established in January 2020 will give you use of prenatal care and postpartum care visits at three Moms2B neighborhood web internet sites. Healthier mothers and healthier children are our # 1 concern. The Ohio State Community Care Coach really helps to make sure access for the mothers to get that care.

That Which We Do

Everything We Do

The training subjects, specifically made to deal with issues and questions of Moms2B participants, consider:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Nutrition
  • Stress decrease
  • Youngster development
  • Family preparation
  • Setting goals
  • Early care that is prenatal
  • Work and delivery
  • Maternal-infant health
  • Good parenting
  • Reproductive health
  • Secure rest and more!

Each system session is delivered in an environment that is supportive motivating and empowering mothers to simply just just take ownership of these alternatives, frequently ultimately causing newfound liberty following the baby’s distribution and past.

Moms2B also provides a healthy and balanced and meal that is hot every session. This supplements the diets of individuals, their help individual and their other kids, as 85% report experiencing meals shortages in the home in the previous 12 months. On-site free playtime that is supervised additionally given to all system individuals; this permits mothers to interact and connect not merely aided by the training, but additionally with other participants. Pre-registration isn’t needed. Please phone 614-292-1605 to get more details.

Making An Improvement

Making a significant difference

“Their resilience, good attitudes and energy when confronted with such amazing obstacles inspires us to stay devoted to our system and attempt to make a confident lifelong huge difference for them.”

Beyond the most obvious relief of delivering a healthier infant, you will find significant financial implications also:

  • Reducing prematurity leads to significant expense avoidance for the Medicaid system.
  • The medical charges for a premature or low birthweight baby is around $55,000 in the 1st 12 months of life alone. Whereas the medical charges for a baby born complete term is not as much as $4,000 yearly.
  • With your effect on decreasing the sheer number of children created preterm or low birthweight, we estimate a price cost savings for Medicaid with a minimum of $300,000 each year.

Prenatal Education Sessions

Prenatal Educational Sessions

Learn to have healthier child and pregnancy, consult with health care specialists, share meals while making brand brand new friends at a Prenatal Education Session. Sessions take place each week, therefore we offer transport support, free supervised playtime and incentives for attendance. Contact us at 614-292-1605 for more information.


Discover ways to have baby that is healthy pregnancy, consult with health care specialists, share meals and also make brand brand brand brand new buddies.


Transportation help, free supervised playtime and incentives for attendance

Our Areas

Moms2B East

Moms2B East

Ohio State University Hospital East – Wallace Auditorium

Moms2B Franklinton

Moms2B Franklinton

Mount Carmel Western – A Healthier Lifestyle Center

Moms2B Hilltop

Moms2B Hilltop Hillcrest Baptist Church 2480 Western Wide Street Columbus, Ohio 43204

Moms2B Linden

Moms2B North

Moms2B North Epworth United Methodist Church 5100 Karl Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43229

Moms2B Southern

Moms2B Southern

Community Developing for many Individuals

Moms2B Southeast

Moms2B Weinland Park

Moms2B Weinland Park

Grace Missionary Baptist Church

Our Lovers

Our Lovers

E Mail Us

E Mail Us

Moms2B 921 Chatham Lane Suite 300 Columbus, Ohio 43221

Moms2B Is Assisting Expectant Moms Have Healthier Infants

Moms2B provides regular training and help sessions to advertise healthier life style alternatives and link Mothers with help solutions. Our training topics concentrate on: breastfeeding, youngster development, household preparation, goal setting techniques, work and distribution, maternal-infant wellness, good parenting, reproductive wellness, safe rest and much more!

Along with Moms2B being liberated to go to, our “bonus features” include a $5 Kroger present card for attendance, transport help, on-site free supervised playtime and a hot, healthier dinner. We additionally fork out a lot of the time linking our mothers with other Columbus-based programs for help.

How To Assist?


Monetary Donations:

Provide Donations:

  • Everyday Bus Passes (available at Kroger for $4.50 each – provides mothers transportation to sessions)
  • Kroger present cards ($5 increments)
  • Diapers (all sizes)
  • Diaper wipes
  • Breastfeeding supplies (including breast pads, breastmilk storage space bags and medical covers)
  • Baby and mom care that is personal
  • New baby car seats or pack & performs
  • brand brand New or carefully laundered and used clothing / bedding
  • Any learning that is early
  • Brand brand New or carefully utilized infant board publications to college age publications
  • Youngsters’ games
  • Bubbles, art products, markers, crayons
  • Present cards to Kroger, Target or Walmart (in every amount)

Family Crisis Care Kits:

  • Kroger present cards ($5 increments)
  • Non-perishable meal recommendations:
    • Peanut butter / jelly
    • Canned meats
    • Canned / dried out fruit and veggies
    • Dry pasta and pasta sauce
    • catholicmatch

    • Crackers Cereal Nuts
  • Domestic product recommendations:
    • Wc paper
    • Paper towels
    • Feminine hygiene services and products
    • Toiletries
    • Laundry materials


Moms2B welcomes the support and help of y our community people. If you should be enthusiastic about joining all of us of volunteers, please e-mail or phone 614-292-1605 to learn more about our application procedure.

Percentage of factors that cause Infant Death in Ohio (2016)

Moms2B is just a member that is proud of Kroger Community Rewards Program. Enroll today which help Moms2B help Columbus area mothers overcome social determinants of health and raise healthier, delighted children!

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