All Evolved! Where In Actuality The ’16 And Pregnant’ Stars Are

All Evolved! Where In Actuality The ’16 And Pregnant’ Stars Are

Impair. 23 2020, Updated 3:18 p.m. Ainsi,

After MTV revealed 16 and Pregnant in ’09 audience couldn’t waiting to check out the dilemma. The series appropriate 16-year-old pregnant adolescents through heartbreaking actions like giving his or her children right up for ownership, leaving of the individuals homes, and completing faculty am the main of their sort and a controversial one this kind of.

Naysayers dreaded the series glorified adolescent pregnancy and warned babes comprise getting pregnant hoping they are often from the TV show.

Inspite of the backlash, the show suggested five effective months plus numerous child momma rotate offs after adolescents like Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham, could turned out to be full-blown celebs (and sex sites stars). But what took place around the lesser known chicks of 16 and Pregnant?

Some of the teenagers posses four girls and boys, some had difficulties with legislation, and sorry to say one unfortunately passed away. Read on decide exactly where they might be currently.

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Kayla Jordan

Just who these people were: Kayla Jordan, a luxury pageant contestant just who cherished horses and filming weapons, showed up on year 2. While she was in twelfth grade she had gotten currently pregnant by the woman date J.R. and then he recommended to the woman about show. Jordan am hesitant to stepping into his own house because she had been influenced by her mom and dad and didn’t should call it quits that diet. Who would!

The reason why these people Didn’t see a Spin Off: Jordan grabbed it Twitter to talk about the girl rage that this model year of 16 And Pregnant didn’t get a spin-off. She tweeted, “guess what happens actually becomes myself? Witnessing a few of these other ‘teen women’ generate nice income and get to would cool items but our personal period just adopted missed prefer it was actually little.” Ouch!

Where Could They Be These days: In a unique interview with RadarOnline this season Jordan mentioned how she will no longer decided a teen and talked about some of the woman fight juggling college and a child. Kayla and J.R split up and she fulfilled people newer named Zach Bedwell and grabbed involved. They had a son named Bryce in 2015 however the couple parted ways and she achieved another people, Dakota Jones. The two obtained married and she announced in April 2018 that this gal are wanting kid number three.

Lizzie Waller

Which these people were: Lizzie Waller was actually a Virginia teenage in time 2 and have currently pregnant by them boyfriend Skylar Sickles. She is encouraged to accomplish their musical aspirations but had an unrealistic look at precisely what maternity intended for this model as a young adult. She attention almost everything would definitely get great or even ignored Sickles cheat the series.

Precisely why these people did not come a spin-off: lovers couldn’t trust this model purchase to forgive this lady date after they scammed on her together with her friend and blasted this model for it. Waller stayed of social media optimisation excepting an exclusive Youtube profile and pretty much gone away from your public eyes following tv show broadcast.

In which Are They Now: Waller and Sickles’ crisis carried on until they in the course of time divorced 24 months after marriage. Fortunate for Waller she satisfied Dave Mortensen that has three children of his or her own as well as the lovers was engaged. It absolutely was last reported that she would be pursuing work as a dental associate, doing nights tuition together with obtained a whole new hobby—skydiving! Although she almost certainly must promote the woman new pastime some slack because she was actually anticipating infant number 2 with Mortenson in June 2018.

Jamie McKay

Which they certainly were: Jamie McKay am a 17 yr old elder from North Carolina and starred on Season 3. She is an honor scholar and also on individual council but received expecting a baby by the lady sweetheart Ryan McElrath. Sorry to say McElrath was a mess from the start and would commonly overcome together with her woman about their habits. McElrath would also disregard McKay and she weren’t able to get him when this tart plummeted into job. This individual fundamentally arrived hungover five many hours eventually into the medical facility. When this beav gone back to university she also noticed that he was basically cheat on the for a few days. McKay was lacking a father a little kid and were going to keep on trying but put an end to the partnership and chosen to let the surfaces ascertain his or her custody of the children contract.

The reason why the two Didn’t create a spin-off: Mckay and McElrath got an awful custody fight with allegations of drunk driving and cocaine punishment. Between the 2 of them these people were additionally arrested 4 times in 2011. MTV introduced distinctive webisode catching up because of the women from month 3 just where they certainly were in a position to talking candidly about birth control as well as their lives and McKay announced that this broad went back to college full-time.

Exactly where Could They Be These days: regardless of the guardianship showdown McKay got back in conjunction with McElrath. In 2012 McKay posted an image of an ultrasound declaring that this beav sustained a miscarriage, but after acknowledge that this chick had an abortion. The couple received the second child in 2015 then broke up once and for all shortly after. McKay realized prefer once again and launched going out with a person for many years named David. The pair got interested and gave beginning with their first son or daughter in Summer 2018.

Valerie Fairman

Just who these people were: Valerie Fairman got just about the most anticipated shows for the year after a trailer was launched of this model yelling at them baby’s dad flat Pryce. Pryce did not trust Neveah is his own despite them “having intercourse, MUCH” and she needed to come a DNA experience to show it. Fairman ended up being a good looking woman along with her temperament and tendencies towards the lady folks was actually recognized like the time went on.

The reason why They don’t COLLECT a Spin Off: Fairman’s moms and dads hoped she had never finished the series and she had been detained for allegedly assaulting them mothers shortly after they concluded shooting. She was actually bullied on the internet to be with her every shift while the popularity ended up being a great deal to use.

Exactly where Will they be currently: Unfortunately for Fairman together with the 16 and Pregnant neighborhood the lifetime concluded in tragedy. She had been arrested for prostitution in 2015 which earned national statements, and fought against substance dependence. She was at and out of therapy for five years before she overdosed in her buddy’s bathroom. Her girl Neveah now resides together grandmother and holds them moms ashes in a locket.

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